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The Clash Royale update released on the 3rd of May has made the game more enticing and has brought many of the former players back to the game. Although Softcell – the game developers – have insisted on numerous occasions that players should be fair and not try to advance in the game by using bots or other trick, some users keep on trying to go over the game’s rules. The last is a chest order hack.

Some of the changes that came with the update include more opportunities to get Giant, Magical and Super Magical chests in your drop cycle – Super Magical chests fall randomly in a drop cycle and the Giant and Magical ones now fall four times in a cycle).

Some people apparently like to keep track of those particular drop cycles and some of those are reddit users that have since hacked the chest drop order and have posted it as a list.

This is how they advise players to use the Chest order cheat list. The cheat and chest drop are based on an algorithm which applies depending on where you start as a player. For example, if you start your game at chest number 9, then the third chest you open will be a Magical one – as the first Magical chest on the list is at number 11. But you probably won’t be as lucky as to start around the first chests on the list so you will probably have to keep a record of all the chests you open until a Magical or Giant one and only after that, you can pay close attention to the order on the cheat list. Things should be easy after that. If you reach the end of the cheat list, all you have to do is to continue from the top.

Initially players thought that the chest order was listed based on the won battles, but that was not the case as it turns out. Also, the number of wins doesn’t affect the chest order because they count as ‘0’ on the cheat list.