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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular tower defense games out there and the highest grossing one over the last three years. However, Clash Royale is a genuine contender to that position as it also incorporates real-time fighting with an enemy where players have to develop deck strategies, offence and defense moves, plus a great sense of timing in order to win the battle. Here are 7 tips that will help you play efficiently if you’re a new player (because your troops will be weak at first) or just one that want to be better.

  1. Have variety in your battle deck

The most important element of the game is the battle deck. You can assemble three different battle decks for a fight and each of those have an Elixir cost. So you shouldn’t have only 2s and 3s in a deck or to many 5s because they will cost more and you’ll quickly be outmatched.

You should, ideally, mix up the decks with both high and low Elixir troops, and it would also be advised that they are both ground and air fighters. An effect example of the card variety option is how you can use The Dragon and Valk to do splash damage and hit multiple troops and buildings with one hit. Or if an enemy only has ground troops, you can use a Dragon and actually take down the tower.

  1. Don’t attack first

If you attack first as a beginning or as a low ranked player you will most likely lose. You have to wait for the Elixir to fill up before you do so you will be able to resist. If your enemy doesn’t start first, know that if you have a solid defense that enables you to raise the Elixir level, then you will counterattack with a strong troop. In this sense you should keep the Fireball till later in the battle.

  1. Use Skeleton Attacks

Most Skeleton troops are weak and die fast, but they are a great distraction to send into battle before you drop the heavy damage attack card.

  1. Test new decks in training battles

The advantages are obvious here, because you get to see how your cards might perform in a real battle. Plus it helps you know more about them and feel confident enough in your strategy.

  1. Spend your gold wisely

Unlike in Clash of Clans, in Clash Royale you can only get gold from winning battles or from the daily chests. Cards can by update if you buy more of each card but don’t buy cards foolishly and run out of money easily. Upgrade carefully and only the cards that you plan on using in the next battles. Some cards are really not worth upgrading, such as the Bombers.

  1. Use Spells Often

Most players get spells after a week of playing such as the Freeze one or the Rage one. These can save you in the last second of the battle. Freeze freezes every troop and Rage can be dropped after you drop a Giant or a Skeleton Giant – it will make them go to the enemy tower and destroy it

  1. Don’t rush attacks

Never rush attacks because you will be helping your enemy win. You have to defend, then attack with a solid troop and take down a tower. If you use too many forces at once, you’ll find yourself unable to protect your buildings. Hitting hard from the get go will most likely lose the game for you. Think very well about your strategy and never use the first thing that you find, unless you have no other option. It’s advisable to start with a light troop to see how the enemy will go about the game and then send a Giant, Dragon or another similar card for distraction. Only on the next turn, should you use a strong attack.