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Adobe is continuously trying to fix all issues that the Flash Player has, but it seems that sometimes, the company is doing more damage to this popular application. In addition, Adobe Flash Play is actively exploited by hackers to deliver malware to the users who have this application installed on their computers.

In other words, Flash Player is still not as secure as Adobe wants and this might rush some companies to ditch this player for the HTML5. We remind you that big companies have already migrate to the new HTML5, which is more secure and stable than the Adobe Flash Player.

According to reports, a vulnerability that is named “CVE-2016-4117” is being used to compromise computers that have the Adobe Flash Player installed. This exploit is found on the Adobe Flash Player version (and earlier), which allows hackers to take control of the affected computers. According to reports, a fix for this problem will be released today, as part of Adobe’s monthly security update.

This exploit has been discovered by Genwei Jiang, who works for the cyber security firm FireEye. According to Jiang, this exploit is very bad news for the users who are still using Adobe Flash Player, one of the most vulnerable applications out there.

We have to agree that the Adobe Flash Player is very useful as it displays content in browsers, but since Adobe has failed to make it secure for so many years, we think that now it is too late for this application to be “saved”.

Adobe is releasing new fixes and patches for the Flash Player, but it seems that there are so many issues with this application that the company can’t handle them all. Most of the patches that Adobe is releasing for Flash Player are related to critical issues that cause system takeovers, remote code execution and session hijacking.

What are your thoughts about Adobe Flash Player? How long do you think that it will take for HTML5 to replace Adobe Flash Player?