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Finally, the WhatsApp desktop app is here. Now, you don’t need your smartphone to chat with your friends on WhatsApp. All you need is the official Windows or Mac app, and the fun can start.

The rumors that were saying WhatsApp is working on a desktop app has proven to be true as of today. The company, which has been a leader in the messaging industry, has finally seen through the third-party apps used for desktop messaging via WhatsApp – and released the official messaging platform for PC units.

According to WhatsApp, the PC platform will let people stay in touch anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s the computer at home or the one in the office, chatting simultaneously across more screens is finally a reality for WhatsApp.

whatsapp for PC

Obviously, the brand new WhatsApp for PC requires your handset to be turned on and have an Internet connection. This is due to the app’s security and prevents accounts from being hacked. Also, it makes it easier to stop anyone from using an account that has been hacked.

In other words, every message will be now sent to one specific device on WhatsApp. Whether it is the home laptop, the office PC or your smartphone device – this adds up to a high-level security.

The official WhatsApp platform for PC is now available for Windows 8 and later operating systems, as well as the MAC OS 10.9 and later. You can download it directly from WhatsApp’s website with a simple click or through the QR process.

How To Register On WhatsApp And Use The Desktop App?

In case you still don’t have a WhatsApp account, you can register it today. However, the desktop platform for WhatsApp doesn’t allow this – meaning that you will have to sign up via mobile. After all, WhatsApp must have your phone number for instance if you want to sign up. Also, it has been known for not allowing you to run the app on tablets or other devices.

This is definitely a great step forward for WhatsApp. The company knew that their lack of PC support was their pitfall against the rivals including Kik, Viber etc. However, now that WhatsApp is here for smartphones and computers, the company will be taking a leap forward towards becoming the world’s number 1 messaging platform – although according to many rankings, it already is.