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With WhatsApp now equipped with voicemail capabilities, which is an obvious addition following the app allowing voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls, it is now considered a popular messaging service to “rule them all”. With all these features in one application, you will never need another messaging app again. This is especially true with an instant call-back feature, and the ability to play back recorded messages before sending them.

What is even better is that WhatsApp lets you set up two accounts on one Android device.You can designate one account for personal use, and another one for work. Setting up the accounts may need additional work, but it will be all worth it once you’re done.

As if these features aren’t amazing enough, WhatsApp Android lets you do plenty of other stuff, in addition to sending messages and making phone calls.

Send files in chat messages

WhatsApp already lets you share photos and videos. But when you update to version 2.12.453 on Android, you will be able to share documents that are saved on your mobile phone. These include Excel, PowerPoint and Word files. As a messaging service for work, WhatsApp definitely takes the lead. No need to send an email attachment with the app installed on your phone.

Beefed-up security

You can now send sensitive messages to different devices without any worries. This is because WhatsApp has added end-to-end encryption to all messages. So whatever you sent using the app would not be intercepted as they travel between devices. This also ensures that conversations on WhatsApp will be protected from use for advertising.

Backup Solutions

WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats, but you can also do it manually.On Android, just go to Settings > tap Chat Settings > tap Backup Conversations. The backup option has a limited functionality, as it doesn’t back up your media. But you can use a file manager to copy the media folders. You can then use the backup files to restore conversations. Since there’s no way to restore chats directly, you would have to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, so a prompt to restore the most recent backup will appear.

Add conversation shortcuts

Do you have a favorite WhatsApp contact or group that you want to have quick access to when sending messages or making phone calls? Simply long press on a contact or group to bring up a pop-up menu where you can choose Add conversation shortcut. You can then send a message right from your homescreen using the shortcut.