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Last December, gamers worldwide received a very beautiful Christmas present: Minecraft was finally released for Nintendo consoles too with this version for Wii U. Although the game was exactly like the versions for other gaming platforms, Nintendo announced that they got some plans for this game, some extra content that would be released. At the time everybody was puzzled by this announcement, but now it’s finally the time to find out more.

As it appears, gamers who use Wii U will get to enjoy some thematic content in the Super Mario universe. But what does this exactly mean? This means new textures, 15 new music tracks from Super Mario 64 and 40 character skins (even oddballs). But it doesn’t stop here! You will also get a new world designed for Mario, that uses lots of new content, all of it available for you to explore. This will be available this month, on the 17th, as an update for free.

In June, Nintendo will launch the retail edition of Minecraft for the Wii U, and along with this you will also receive some new add-ons for Super Mario that you will find on the disc.

Fans know that this is not the first licensed add-on that Minecraft gets, since there are many out there that range from Doctor Who to even The Simpsons. However, this is indeed the first time a game entirely owned by Nintendo manages to enter the Minecraft universe. And this first should be celebrated by playing it by the book and discovering every secret available there.

It remains to be seen how this merging between two universes will turn out to be, and how fans of both franchises will see the actual collision between them. Most likely, the more fans that will be brought together, the more success this release will have.