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It seems like yesterday the first time we tried the new Sims 4, with lots and lots of new changes and updates. But time has passed and here we are, anxiously waiting for the 5th version of this awesome game. The previous version had lots of improvements, from the Create-A-Sim, to a gameplay based on emotion, an easier way to travel between neighborhoods and a new engine, to name just a few. Even though there is no official information released about this, there have certainly been lots of rumors online about what will the Sims 5 bring to the table.

As much as we would want to get our hands on the game as soon as possible, people speculate that this won’t happen until 2019. Yes, it’s heartbreaking even to say that number, but if you think about it, Sims 4 was launched 5 years later, after the Sims 3, and they are still releasing packs to improve it.

In fact, even last month there was a teaser regarding new content for the Sims 4: a game pack this spring and a stuff pack this summer. People are commenting about the teasers and a great addition seems to be the fact that the developers are heading towards more unisex features, visible in the hairstyles of the characters. Besides this, it seems that the team is trying to create a game as realistic as possible.

However, gamers are wishing for very varied stuff, from babies and toddlers to an evolution of the careers, more heights and realistic means of transportation. Perhaps this is why there are lots of different rumors, but one thing that is certain is the fact that there is no official info on this. Until then, you can still enjoy the Sims 4, which costs around $50 for PC.