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Nintendo released a trailer yesterday morning showcasing details of the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games. Both games will be launched on the 18 of November and both will introduce a new legendary mascot as well as new fire, grass and water type Pokemon.

Among these new Pokemons we have a fire-type one that looks like a disinterested cat – Litten, a grass and flying type one that resembles an owl with a little bow tie and a water type one that looks like a seal. The legendary mascots’ names are not disclosed at this point.

Based on the posters for the games, Pokemon Sun’s story will be about a lion, whereas Pokemon Moon will be about a big crescent shaped bat.

The trailer also showed us the game’s graphics which seem to be the same as the ones used in X and Y. These games were the first ones in Pokemon history to have used 3D models for the people and Pokemons in the game, whether they were inside the game or outside it.

The setting for Pokemon Sun and Moon will be the Hawaii-like Alola region and apparently, they will have a larger map then the ones that Pokemon games had in the past. And we also know that the worlds will be rendered in 3D like all the games before them did since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was released.

Not much is known about the two upcoming games, but we can be sure that it will bring many new monsters and more interesting battles, plus other improvements in the gameplay.

What is know with certainty is that players will be able to transfer pokemons from X,Y, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby plus the 3DS Virtual Console versions of Blue, Yellow And Red to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon with the help of an updated and adorable Pokemon Bank app.

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