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The Pokemon developers recently released a trailer for the future games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! That’s excellent news for the fans everywhere, which were anxious to see what news the company has for them. Now we get the chance to see how the games will look like and what the gameplay will develop, plus the first three Pokemon Starters.

According to the new trailer, these three starters are called Popplio – Water type (starting move – Water Gun), Litten – Fire type (Starting move – Ember), and Rowlet – Flying type (or Grass type, his starting move is Leafage).

The company has released in Japan another video as a trailer for the game, which has made many fans feel the injustice. It is called “Let’s Surpass Oneself #01”.

For those who don’t know already, the games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released this year on the 18th of November for the Nintendo 3DS. However, it seems that in Europe the game will arrive only on the 23rd of November and it will solely be available for Nintendo.

Besides the new things, the company wants to keep the tradition, so they will keep a lot of things from the old videogames. As such, the players will choose one of the three Pokemons in the beginning, and they will be their first partners throughout the game.

Pokemon trainers should totally know all the Pokemon types and how they match on the battlefield. The grass type can play against water type, but they will surely be defeated in a match with fire types. In turn, fire types can beat the grass type, but they lose in front of water type. Meanwhile, water types defeat fire types, but are defeated by grass types.

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