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Patience is running thin for many Samsung smartphone owners who are ready for the Marshmallow update. Thankfully, the North American market for several telecommunications companies no longer have to wait – the Android Marshmallow update is finally being released and customers can start updating their phones.

For instance, Telus, a Canadian telecom company, released the update for Samsung Galaxy S6-onwers on April 18, after more than a month of delays (original rollout was set for March 9, and then was pushed to April 13.  Whatever the date it was finally released, people who have Telus-powered Galaxy S6 phones are glad they can bypass Android 6.0 and update to Android 6.1, giving them better security features.

Many U.S. Samsung fans may have already seen their phones update to Android Marshmallow. For instance, T-Mobile said it would release the update for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus owners. The update is set to occur on or before May 20.

People using a Wi-Fi connection will get a notification that they can download the update. Owners can go into their phone’s system’s settings to find out – manually- if it can be downloaded: Setting, System, About Device, Software Update and click Ok.

The file uses 1.34GB of space – users need to ensure they have enough space for the update to be installed.  They also need to make sure their Internet connection is stable enough to complete the download.

T-Mobile’s update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones was released on April 14. Both Sprint and Verizon have released the Marshmallow for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. No announcement from AT&T when it would happen for these phones.

Samsung owners have waited patiently for the update to go through the development and testing stages, which makes getting the actual update a real bonus. Some of the features the update includes is Doze, which will extend the life of the phone’s battery and app permission configuration. Users now have access to more emojis such as unicorns and tacos.