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Nintendo has been known for making some of the most successful handheld consoles, they’ve beaten tech giants like Sony, whose PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, although had a successful start, weren’t able to survive much in the international market.

Now whether Nintendo’s success has been due to the exclusive games (cough, cough, Pokemon, Mario) or because of their fan base, we can say one thing for sure, Nintendo knows what their buyers want.

The Nintendo Games

You may have noticed this but Nintendo consoles generally don’t support the latest Call of Duty games. There’s only a couple of reasons for this to happen but the most agreed-upon reason is that owners of Nintendo consoles simply don’t play the vast majority of AAA titles.

You’re going to find party games, games which you can play with your friends and families, games which everyone in the household can enjoy.

This is why we can’t judge Nintendo’s consoles by the same standards that we judge the PlayStation and Xbox with, it’s simply not the same.

The Nintendo NX

It’s announced to be released next year, March 2017. That’s quite a long wait for Nintendo fans, surely we can expect some details to be released to the public in the near future?

Here’s what we know so far, apart from the release date.

The new Legend of Zelda game

The game will be simultaneously released for both the Wii U as well as the NX. This will definitely help with the console’s initial sales and might even make the Wii U a bit more successful than its current numbers.

The name NX is just a code-name for now

Here’s the tweet where Nintendo confirms that the code-name NX might change.

However we need to understand that if NX becomes a famous enough term then Nintendo might stick with it, brand identity is perhaps one of the most important aspect of selling a console. (A similar thing happened with the HTC One M8).

We will not be seeing the NX at E3 2016

Here’s the article posted on Nintendo’s official website about the announcement.

The article goes on to mention that the NX will be “unveiled later this year” so we can definitely expect to start finding out more about the console as we approach the winter holidays.

As for Nintendo’s reasoning behind the launch date being after the holiday season, it’s simply to make sure that the software is properly set up and everything’s working perfectly fine. Nothing is worse than a handheld console failing to run your games.

We can also expect to see familiar Nintendo titles such as Mario along with the Legend of Zelda, people are also speculating about VR support, now that would change the entire playing field.

It should be noted that our smartphones and tablets are basically providing us some sort of gaming capabilities, so handheld consoles have to compete with all modern handheld devices because unless you’re a fan of specific titles, you can enjoy games on your phone just as much as you’d enjoy playing them on a console, enjoyment, at the end of the day, is subjective.