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Microsoft is said to unveil its Microsoft Surface Book 2 as soon as June and that the device will sport a 4K display and a USB-Type C port.

Surface Book made its debut at the beginning of October of 2015 and it was marketed as the ultimate laptop due to its high quality specs and price.

It received great reviews and many believed that it will be first real threat to MacBook Air (from Apple). It also started strong, with all models sold out before the middle of October – which is quite an achievement!

And now, Microsoft is ready to release a new model with even better specs. Some of the rumored specifications include a USB-Type C port and 4K display and other powerful internal components that will be well worth the high price (it will most likely be more expensive than its predecessor).

Given the fact that the existing Surface Book (2015) has a 2,000 x 3,000 px of resolution, it makes sense that a new version would rock a 4k one. The USB-Type C port is also plausible as many devices of this type found on the market have USB-C ports.

Some publications, such as The Vine Report, claim that the Surface Book 2 will be introduces sometime next month and that it would be a great time to rival with the new Apple MacBook which will presumably be released in June as well, at the Apple WWDC.

However, some rumors also claim that the release of Surface Book 2 may be delayed because the latest generation of Intel chips hasn’t been released yet – the 7th gen of i5 and i7 ones, also known as Kaby Lake, which will supposedly be based on a 14 nanometer process. If that is true, then it will take a while until we see the Surface Book 2.