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The release date of Mass Effect Andromeda, one of the most awaited games from BioWare, has been delayed until early 2017. This has been confirmed by the developers and we’re pretty sure that this news has disappointed many fans of the series.

In a blog post, BioWare said that it had to delay the release date of the Mass Effect Andromeda in order to make sure that they deliver a bug-free game. At the same time, the studio has announced that this upcoming game will be showcased at the EA Play conference that will take place on Sunday, on June 12, a few days before the E3 2016 event.

We remind you that the Mass Effect Andromeda game has been teased at E3 2015 and it was expected to be released this year. However, we remind that a delay was expected since March 2016, when EA’s executive has suggested that the project was set to be released in fiscal Q4, which usually runs between January-March 2016.

Aaryn Flynn, the general manager at BioWare, has posted on company’s blog where he also suggested that they made the decision to delay the release of the Mass Effect Andromeda until the game will meet “internal quality standards”.

Flynn has added that while working on the game, the developing team has decided that it will take some time until they will make sure that everything will run smoothly and without any issues. We think that any developer should have this kind of mentality, because it is better to delay a game and make sure that it doesn’t contain major bugs and issues, than rush its release date and have a big failure. More official news regarding this game is expected to surface in the upcoming days.

Have you been waiting for Mass Effect Andromeda to be released? What are your thoughts about this delay?