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Apple had already stated that they won’t be looking to add many brand new features with iOS 9, instead they’ll be making tweaks and optimization changes to make current features better, whether it’s visual changes for the keyboard or just a couple of new features for applications like News,  Notes and Maps, iOS 9 does its best to improve your experience.

But all those features may have been out for a while now, let’s talk about Night Shift.

Night Shift

Introduced in iOS 9.3, Night Shift works similar to the F.lux application, if you’re not familiar with F.lux then you should definitely give it a try.

The application changes the colors of your display to be much warmer, it basically tints your screen so that staring at the screen in a dark room isn’t as stressful for your eyes as it would usually be.

Night Shift as a feature has been answered by quite a lot of positive feedback and if you have the habit of using your iPhone late at night, you should really consider upgrading to iOS 9.3 if you haven’t done so already.

But that’s not all that’s changed.

Battery & Performance

Low Power Mode is one of the core features for iOS 9, it’s been out for a while now and one of its sub feature is that the phone will recognize when it’s face-down, it won’t turn on the screen upon receiving notifications in that situation to preserve your battery.

But face-down detection isn’t the only thing keeping your iPhone’s battery up, Apple had already stated that even if you don’t use the Low Power Mode, your battery life will be significantly improved by simply updating to iOS 9.

And then there’s the technical improvements for developers and the operating system in general, iOS 9 is truly an update which adds more to your existing device rather than adding new features; if you’re content with your current device, you should definitely consider the update.

Security improvements and Problems

Apart from features and minor adjustments, we need to understand that every update adds much more than a fancy new icon or settings menu, software updates are essential because outdated software might be easily exploitable, sure you can’t jailbreak your iOS 9.3 device right now but chances are that if you haven’t jailbreaked your iOS 9.1 iPhone already, you’re not interested in jailbreaking at all, so you might as well update to 9.3.1.

Apple also changed the way application downloads work, previously a single application would download all of its assets and then decide which assets to use based on your device, whether to use the assets for Tablets or Smartphones, this increased the total amount of data required significantly, Apple has now introduced their App Thinning where only the assets being used in the application are downloaded to the device.

Nothing has changed if your iOS version is below iOS 9, this is only for devices with iOS 9 and above, so just be updating you’re significantly reducing the amount of junk assets sitting around on your phone, never to be used.

How has your experience with iOS 9 been? Let us know in the comments below.

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