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There are many fans anxiously waiting for the iOS jailbreak for the 9 and 9.1 versions of the system. Sadly enough, there is no official information regarding the release of the two, but what we do have is some rumors about the next iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak from team Pangu.

According to people who spread the speculations, there is a higher possibility that the team Pangu will release the jailbreak, rather than team TaiG. This is mostly because the Pangu also released jailbreaks for iOS 9 & 9.1 last year. Both of them were made with the help of the Pangu9 tool for jailbreak, also designed by them.

However, nobody can say exactly when this is going to happen. For now, the beta version of the 9.3.2 is still in progress, and thus it doesn’t make much sense to create a jailbreaking tool for an OS that has not even reached the testing phase yet. Moreover, in time, the developer itself will manage to solve many of the issues that appear and release patches and updates, especially if it’s something related to security.

Having this background in mind, we should expect some other news about this only after the beta tests have been completed on the actual version. However, other rumors talk about a release having place this year, just before the Worldwide Developers Conference hosted by Apple in June (or the WWDC 2016, as it is widely known). In parallel, Pangu announced online that the latest version can indeed be subjected to jailbreaking, which raises our hopes.

What is interesting is the fact that there are already warning circulating on the Internet, so that people don’t download the version that can be found, since it’s not the official jailbreak and it wasn’t created by any of the teams.