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Instagram’s classic logo and interface are a history – as of today.

The company has shifted towards a brand new, modern revolution. In fact, their icon is the first step towards this revolution, but the app will get a redesign as well. So, what happened?

As you may know, Instagram has been bought by Facebook for $1 billion four years ago. Ever since, the team behind the app has been improving the user experience without a break. Although the changes were small so far, they have been meaningful and making the app better. The newest redesign on the app and logo is another part of this story.

Instagram adopted a new simplified, bold and black-and-white look. In fact, there were some early signs that could be spotted last week. This major redesign to Instagram’s app will supposedly let us focus more on the photos and videos – rather than the distracting layout.

In reality, Instagram just feels the same. Although the design is more responsive and looks cleaner, it is more like a balance on the colors and tones. This makes the photos and videos to pop out in a better way.

instagramupdate (1)

The Instagram update can be downloaded on iOS now, and will come to the Android users as well today. And while many people are freaking out about the latest update (especially on the icon), there is a whole science behind the company’s decision.

As the company stated, the update is inspired by the previous app icon however represents a simpler rook with the rainbow living in a gradient form. The baseline of Instagram’s classic logo is still kept and in tone with the app changes. The app navigation, however, has not been changed – only simplified.

What Do We Think About The New Instagram Update

Well, we simply love it. And despite people freaking out at the moment over the black-and-white simplicity, the minimalist design is what every app turned to recently. In a nutshell, the bold approach gives better visibility on the content of the app – not to mention that it eliminates any possible distraction across all operating systems and devices.

Although the Android update hasn’t rolled out yet, we believe it to function and look as good as it looks on the iOS devices. After all, the change is about making Instagram a better fit on every device and keeping the unified approach that makes people love connecting on Instagram and sharing their photo and video stories.