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Great news in the gaming world! A PC package with HD remastered Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X 2 (the sequel to the former one) is scheduled to be released on the 13th of May.

The package is based on the international version on the games which were only available in Japan until now. The entry for the HD remastered versions on the Steam Store site presents everything related to the game, minus the actual price.

Some of those details mention the exact elements that were tuned to HD detail such as characters, environments and monsters. There is also a remastered soundtrack of the background music plus content from the international editions.

Furthermore, they will have an auto-save feature and 5 boosters which include Safe Travel Mode which disables random battles and High Speed Mode. The games will support Steam Cloud saves, achievements and trading cards, plus some degree of game support for gamepads.

Although it will now sport HD features, players won’t really have to buy better devices to play them as the games can work on devices that have a few GB of RAM, a Geforce GTX 450, a quad-core processor, 37-40 GB of free space on the hard drive, plus any Windows OS that came after Vista (Windows Vista included).

This is not the only Final Fantasy game remastering case. There was also a Square Enix remastered game release for Final Fantasy IX for PC which was priced at $20, initially it was prices at $16, but that was a discounted price.

Square Enix stated in a report to their shareholders that it will aggressively improve its successful games and that they want the old players to relive past game experiences with the latest technology there is, while new customers enjoy the games as if they are brand new.

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