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Fallout 4 is set to get its first mod support on Xbox One very soon, but as a closed beta program. Supposedly, the beta will be released soon after the Far Harbor DLC pack is launched.

Bethesda tweeted that the closed beta program containing the mods will be released to the console soon but the one for Xbox One will definitely follow soon after the Far Harbor downloadable content.

Also from a tweet we know that the PC mods downloads have hit 1 million – so that’s how many people across the globe are avid Fallout 4 and Fallout series players. In the same tweet that stated the info on the download number there’s also a link to a YouTube video about the Fallout Mods and creation Kit where Bethesda developers acknowledge in an interview the importance of mods and the players who create them in the development of their games, going all the way back to games such as The Elder Scrolls and MorrowMind.

Therefore, some of the modes created by Bethesda for Fallout and many other games across time were based on suggestions and notes from fans and players that were genuinely involved in improving their favourite game.

That being said, we have to assume that these next mods will bring some exciting gameplay for the lucky Xbox one owners.

The Far Harbor DLC will scheduled be released on the 19th of May, on all platforms simultaneously which refers to PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

If you want to know more, be sure to check the official trailer for it on Bethesda Softworks’s Youtube Channel. The trailer makes everything look very mysterious and dark, and projects a certain eerie and perilous atmosphere that engages you. Let’s hope that the downloadable content pack will be just as engaging!

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