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Many people were quite disappointed when they saw the downtime that occurred to Clash of Clans on the 4th of May. However, get your spirits up, since Supercell recently released an update for their platform! They decided there was a need for this since there were some bugs that needed to be fixed and also, the team intended to minimize the time taken by some features in the game.

We can indeed say that now the game has become much more interesting. Perhaps with this update, the developers tried to compensate for the players they lost when they released an update with lots of bugs back in December and then again in March. Now get ready to prepare some serious armies and play along!

You can already download the most recent patch, and this will double the speed at which you’re brewing the spells. Also, you will be able to train your wall breaker, the witch and the dragon at the same double speed. But what’s even more amazing is the fact that the speed for the PEKKA, Lava Hound or the Golem training increases three times! More than that, you will regenerate your hero and train the Balloon, the Bowler, the wizard and the Valkyrie faster.

You can also notice an improvement to the gameplay. It is more balanced, in the sense that the more bowlers reach the target, the faster they can attack. Also, now you can search for an opponent for 30 minutes, which is a helpful increase. There changes are much appreciated in the game, especially after the developers were largely criticized with the mistakes they made back in December and in March with the bad updates. Many users were so disappointed that they even gave up playing the game altogether.