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Several mobile devices have already received Android Marshmallow, from Samsung to HTC. Samsung Galaxy S6 has already been upgraded, and so did HTC One M8 and One M9. But don’t be quick to rejoice.

If you own any of the HTC One M8 or One M9 under AT&T, updating to the new Android operating system will be delayed. In a tweet, HTC vice president of product management Mo Versi said that there will be a slight delay on the Marshmallow OS, as they are still waiting for “approval within the next couple of weeks”.

This is not exactly the news HTC users have been waiting for, but what can they do? AT&T has delayed the update on their end as well, which leaves users with little choice but to wait.

How long, you ask? An estimated three-week wait is plausible, but it would still depend on whether or not HTC and AT&T would be able to work things out just in time to get approval in two weeks.

While other US major carriers have already updated HTC One M8 and One M9 to Android 6.0, AT&T has yet to follow suit. This makes the network the slowest to deliver a Marshmallow update.

What is even more frustrating is that there isn’t enough information to even give users hope of ever having their HTC phones updated to the new OS. Would they just get another HTC model instead? The answer to this question is just as unclear.

There are speculations that the delay might be due to certification problems.  It is possible that AT&T are experiencing issues while running pre-launch checks. This shouldn’t be a problem, considering that checks are done for the good of the users. But the snail’s pace isn’t helping.

Users of the unlocked versions of HTC mobile phones, however, have already received the latest operating system, especially those that are compatible with AT&T’s network. They are lucky enough to enjoy the latest features, such as the addition of Doze, an app that can prolong battery life. There have been security updates with the new Android OS as well.

Think AT&T isn’t doing HTC any favors? Don’t worry, the network would no longer offer the latest HTC 10 flagship, so you may not have to experience the same delays with future updates on the Android OS. But this doesn’t erase the fact that Marshmallow won’t be available to HTC One M8 and One M9 under AT&T any time soon.