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The highly appraised and used messaging system known as WhatsApp has begun beta testing the video-calling feature on the iOS, but for now, it’s available only on a couple of devices and it’s only a beta version.

There have been many rumors recently about WhatsApp implementing video calling and voicemail features, along with another really useful option regarding inviting people to group conversations thorough NFC tags, links or QR codes.

In the case of the video calling and voicemail, WhatsApp is now beta testing the feature for iOS, but it can only run on very few devices so far. We know this because Android Police, a tech site has posted a series of screenshots from various users that are helping with the translation of WhatsApp menu text into different languages. These users have mentioned that they were able to translate something called ‘Video Call’ and a full phrase saying ‘Video calling is unavailable at this time’in relation to the WhatsApp screenshots.

WhatsApp announced last year the release of voice calling so now, the next obvious step woul be video calling and many are curious as to how WhatsApp video calls will be like on mobile Internet. Will it be of a bad quality, or of a great quality?

Furthermore, WhatsApp is supposedly also developing a really useful feature which is inviting people to group conversations thorough QR codes, NFC tags or links. This feature will probably make things easier for people who want to invite friends, family, co-workers, clients and others to a group conversation as they won’t have to add them manually. They can just send a NFC tag, a QR code or a link to everybody and whoever wants to join will do just that.

At this moment, WhatsApp has around 900 million monthly users, especially in Brazil.