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According to recent leaked screenshots, the well known WhatsApp massaging system, is now working on a full-fledged desktop app. Currently, WhatsApp can be used from a PC but on a special web page, it’s not a stand-alone app for a PC just yet. But things may be about to change.

The Times of India posted recently that WhatsApp may users may soon be able to enjoy all of the WhatsApp perks as a desktop application is currently in development for Mac and Windows OSs. By that I refer to exchanging massages and sharing files.

According to a twitter account that has no official connection to WhatsApp, that is tracking changes in the app’s beta builds, there have been images surfacing lately of a WhatsApp desktop app

Even though you can use WhatsApp on your PC via a browser, many users have complained that it’s very difficult and inconvenient as you have to always keep the WhatsApp tab open in order to keep the conversation going.

Therefore, a full fledged desktop app would be more convenient as people could just open the app and exchange files and messages without having to keep the browser window open all the time. Not only that, but it would also be a better experience if one could make a voice call without having to keep a smartphone connected to the internet all the time, and consume more money.

Finally, WhatsApp will allegedly roll out new features such as voice mail and zip file sharing for iOS/Android very soon.

Let’s hope that it will happen so because we all know how limited web browser massaging apps can be. Usually there is no notification system so you basically see the massages when you open the browser (if you remember to open it). A desktop app will most likely have a notification system plus an option to open automatically when the PC is turned on so you’s get your message notifications faster and more efficiently.