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It’s not a surprise for many of you that Motorola is owned by Lenovo. They have recently introduced 3 smartphones in August 2015, the Moto X Play, the Moto X Pure/Stye and the Moto G, the third generation. After this, everybody expected them to release in August 2016 their successors. However, it seems that Motorola will introduce a new phone sooner than August. They have already scheduled an event this month, more precisely on May 17th in India, and there are some sources that say that this is the date where we will get to enjoy the Moto G4 and G4 Plus phones. Despite this, there are small chances that we will also see Moto X, though nobody can say that for sure.

There is some more good news though! Recently we got to enjoy some images with the Moto X4 and the DROID renders. From what it seems, Motorola has prepared a huge redesign for their Moto phones. They will include a home button under the display, which could not be found until now on their phones. It can also be a fingerprint scanner, though we have no information about that, just like we have on HTC or the One Plus.

According to the image of the back of the Moto X4, the phone is just as it looked like in the leaked render. The camera is placed in the upper middle region and it comes together with a camera sensor and a flash (a dual-LED one). Of course, we can find the Motorola logo under it and, surprisingly, there is no dimple under it, as Motorola fans would have expected. Also, we can notice three keys on the right, presumably the volume keys and the power key. Even so, it does not seem to be a big phone at all, most likely having a 5 or 5.2-inch display.