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GTA 6 may now be in development according to recent speculation, although Rockstar hasn’t decided on a location yet – but it will probably be set in the US.

We know this from a Techradar report based on an anonymous insider source that stated that Rockstar has already begun to work on the sixth installment. The source also revealed that Rockstar was considering setting the future GTA in Tokyo but they gave it up because of certain road system issues plus the difficulty of actually moving the game outside the US.

Apparently, the company was considering the Tokyo roads option around the time they made GTA Vice City which came out almost 10 years ago. Since GTA Vice City all of the iterations in the game have been set in the US. The only GTA game set outside the United States was an expansion for the original Grand Theft Auto which was set in London.

No one knows anything about the next game’s locations, but fans and bloggers believe it will be set in the US.

When can we expect a release?

Right now, GTA 6 is presumably in a development stage and as such there might be quite a while until we see it. This coupled with the growing success of the GTA 5 Online component and the tendency Rockstar has of releasing new games four or five years after the last launched game, implies a release date set for 2017/2018

Another rumor is that Red Death Redemption 2 will be launched at this year’s E3. This game is a follow up series to Red Death Revolver from 2004. Fans expect Red Death Redemption 2 to continue the story developed in Red Death Redemption which received a lot of praise and in some players’ opinion, it’s the best Rockstar game so far.