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Although the actual Far Harbor expansion hasn’t been released yet, players can actually check out some of the game’s features that have leaked online. These leaks relate to trophies in the game and apparently there are ten of them – nine are made of bronze and one is made of silver.

Not only that, but Gameranx has posted a list of the names and tasks for those trophies. Challenges such as Hooked, Push Back the Fog and New England Vacationer require exploring Far Harbor in many different ways. In some cases it may mean that you’ll have to defeat sea creatures, unlocking locations for workshops or just discovering certain locations.

Other trophies are named: Just Add saltwater, Far from home, The way life should be and others. They sound pretty awesome, right? The silver trophy is named Close to Home.

Right now, fans can enjoy an update to Fallout 4 named 1.5 which adds a Survival Mode with more challenges for them. These include higher lethality due to danger, disease and exhaustion, no more fast travel and other features related to sleep.

The Survival Mode was designed by Bethesda to force players into being more careful when making decisions regarding the objects that they find along the game and if they are worth keeping or not or about entering certain combats that maybe aren’t necessary.

Furthermore, players are encouraged to explore the locations more than ever before. Also, the update fixes many bugs and provides support for the upcoming Far Harbor DLC.

Just so you’d know you’d have to check you email for the beta testing code sent by Bethesda to those eligible for it if you want to see a little bit of Far Harbor before its release on the 19th of May. In the meantime, have fun in the Survival Mode!