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Chests are important in Clash Royale deck building – particularly with the cards, golds and gems they contain. Which is why if you want to get ahead with the rest of the players, you should familiarize yourself with the order that the chest drops.

So, how exactly do the chests drop? What is the drop rate?

Players suggested that it was 1 percent for the Magical Chest, 25 percent for the Gold Chest, and 74 percent for the Silver Chest. Well, that could be, but that is not exactly how the game runs.

For starters, it should be understood that there is a specific chest order in the game, and that every Chest you get after each Battle is based on this list. After the cycle is completed, the chest order will start again.

Recent cheat on chest order showed that during the Training Camp, you will always get 6 Wooden Chest. Then, as you enter the Arena, you will get a Silver Chest in the first three Battles you won. On the fourth, you will get a Gold Chest. This will be followed by Silver Chests again in the succeeding two Battles before giving you another Gold Chest. Win four more battles for Silver Chests, and you will finally be rewarded with a Magic Chest in your next winning.

There’s no specific pattern to how the Gold Chest and Magic Chest are distributed in the chest drop order, but one thing is certain – the cycle ends and restarts again after 239 chests drop.

How about the Super Magical Chest?

Since the addition of Super Magical Chest, the old chest ordering cheat can’t be really trusted to work in the same way. Clash Royale enthusiasts said that this super rare chest just drops randomly with a very small chance to replace a chest in the known pattern. There is no certain information yet about its drop rate, but some reported that the Super Magical Chest appears three times in the 239-chest cycle, giving it a 0.01 percent drop rate.

A Reddit Clash Royale player who revealed a new chest drop list order this Month believed that when a Super Magical Chest drops, the order of the chest drops is not disrupted.

What if my Chest Slots is full? Will the order be altered?

When you want to battle for but fun but have no any open slots left for chests, don’t worry. The chest order will not be affected by your number of wins. The chest drop will stop until you have an open slot where a new chest can drop into. So, just continue counting like before. Jut it down in a notebook if you must.

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