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You have your troops ready. You have studied the enemy’s base well. You have determined the path your troops should take to disable the defense towers, destroy that Town Hall, and earn three stars. Now it’s time to attack.

You released the Wall Breakers to create a path toward that defense tower, but wait! Where are those breakers going?!

Wall Breakers running into the wrong walls is frustrating. It can ruin your whole attack strategy and leave you scratching your head, wondering what the heck just happened.

So for starters, keep this in mind: a Wall Breaker’s ultimate life goal is to free buildings that are trapped by walls either fully or partially.

So, how does a Wall Breaker choose its target?

There are three things you need to understand about Wall Breakers and how they work.

First, they will look for the “nearest” building or turret trapped by wall. They don’t care whether it is partial or full entrapment, and they don’t care whether it’s a defense tower or an ordinary building. Its only goal in life is to set everything free.

Second, Wall Breakers will choose the shortest path towards a trapped building and blow out all the walls that are in its path. Remember, the goal is to liberate no matter what it takes.

Third, after the wall is blown up and access to the building is open, Wall Breakers will look for the second nearest building that is still trapped by walls.  Without pausing, they will run straight towards it and blow up all the walls that are on its way.

Now, this question is probably running in your mind: Can I fool Wall Breakers using short decoy wall sections?

Sorry to say, but no. They will not be fooled by those. While they are hard bent on liberating buildings from walls, they’re smart enough to recognize a deception. And don’t even attempt to use a Jump Spell on them. It will be a waste of effort because Wall Breakers are not affected by Jump Spell. They’re not the kind which would jump on walls. They would rather destroy them.

What if there aren’t walls to break?

If there is no building to liberate and walls to break, they will attack the building closest to them.

Wall Breakers are important for ground attacks strategies and play a big part in the game, so learn how to use them to your advantage. For tips on how to be the best in the game, click here.