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Anybody that’s made the upgrade to Windows latest operating software Windows 10 may have experienced a problem or two with it.

And, unfortunately, some folks may have experienced the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

Still, there is hope for some issues – they are solutions available people can use.

Possible Windows 10 Issues and Their Fixes

Slow Booting Times

Users who notice their computer is booting up slowly, can fix their problem from the Start Menu. All they need to do is look for the Power Options area. They’ll need to run the Control Panel applet and click on Choose. Once there, they can alter settings to better the computer’s boot time.

No DVD Playing

If a user can’t play a DVD with the Windows 10 software player, they can install a third-party player to play their DVDs.

Of course, an operating system should work like it’s supposed to with no issues at all. And, if people don’t have more than the basic knowledge to fix their problem, what can they do?

Great news! They are a number of free tools that will address any Windows 10 issue.


The program’s name tells people all about it. It’s divided up into sections so that people can see what part is having issues with a Fix button adjacent to the issue. The ? button is there to learn more about an issue. Should a fix be unavailable, a Windows 10 section can help you manually fix common problems.

Updating Drivers with the Driver Booster Tool

The Driver Booster tool lets people update their drivers easily and effortlessly. It’s noted to fix roughly 200,000 Windows drivers, working similarly to Windows Update but with more control. It’s got both Up-to-date and Outdated tabs to let people know what drivers must have an upgrade and what the update is.

Drivers can be downloaded automatically or manually. However, Driver Booster will also create restore point before it updates the Windows drivers.

O&O Shut Up 10

The O&O Shut Up 10 program addresses the Windows 10 privacy issues. While the OS has privacy settings that people can change, doing so can be a real challenge and confusing. With the program, it’ll help users effectively and quickly customize their privacy settings.  Each setting has a detailed explanation that provides people a chance to learn about Windows 10.