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Many older people remember when Earth was attached to a stand, and spinning it allowed them to see the different places of world. When you were a child, how many times did you spin the ball (globe) using your index finger to see where it would land when the ball quit turning?

This globe was the primary way to see and understand how the planet looked. Today, the globe isn’t the go-to thing to see the world. Instead, it’s Google Earth – an extremely unique tool that allows them to check the world out in the comfort of their home. It’s considered both efficient and effective.

In fact, Google Earth is useful by not only individuals but the education system and large companies to track, locate and watch different areas using real-time data.

What Is About Google Earth That Makes It Worth The Hassle?

When Google Earth was first setup, Google Earth Pro users had to pay $399. Today, the pro offering is free for anyone to use. But, why would any want to use it?

Google Earth can be used for all kinds of activities – more than just looking for one location in the world such things like:

Golden Hour

This feature allows folks to watch the sun’s movement; ideal for photographers who use natural lighting to get a great picture.

Weather Predictor

This is another tool people can use to get the weather. It offers real-time pictures and satellite data, so users can take precautions to stay safe.

Google Follow Your World

This features allows users to attain up-to-date pictures and videos for locations they’ll be going to. This features is useful for people planning a vacation or moving to a new area.


Developers and engineers are using Google Earth to address impending projects. Google Earth is a useful tool for anyone who needs or wants a view of the world away from them. Once users start using it, they’ll wonder why they didn’t start using it before.