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There are a number of ways users can talk to their friends – Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, there are a number of mobile apps that allows them to do the same thing. WhatsApp is regarded as one of the most popular real-time apps to send and receive messages, pictures and videos.

Since there’s been a number of WhatsApp updates available – 2.16.35, for instance – it’s important users know how to correctly install the app to their smartphone.

How To Install WhatsApp From The Official Site

Users who want to use WhatsApp can find the app by going to the official WhatsApp site and downloading it from there. It can be accessed via their mobile phone and downloading the version that’s compatible to their device. This app can be found for iOS, Windows, Android and other phones. It’s only available for smartphones; any other phones cannot use it.

Once users have found their device’s version, they’ll be directed to the download page. If users used their PC to download the iPhone option, the page will open their iTunes program up so that it can be downloaded and installed onto the computer. Once it’s been installed onto the phone, users will have to configure it based on their requirements.

How To Install WhatsApp From The Google Play Store

It’s important that users known that their HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony or other smartphone device have a 2.1 version or higher of Android installed. Once verified, they can look for the WhatsApp in Play Store. Once found, they can tap it and start the downloading process. All they need to do is tap “Install” and it’ll download and install the app onto the device.

Upon installation, users will need to input their phone number so that the program can send them a verification code. A majority of the time, the app will detect the code within the SMS message. If not, users will have to type it in for themselves to set the account up. The app will ask users their name so that contacts can find them easily. Users may also produce an optional status and profile picture.

How To Invite Friends To WhatsApp

In order for friends to chat with users on WhatsApp, their friends also need to have the app downloaded to their phone. Therefore, users need to make their friends aware that they need the program in order to send and receive messages, videos and pictures through it.