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WhatsApp is one of the most used and beloved free messaging app out there, in the Android world and we have 30 billion messages exchanged daily as proof for that.

However, I bet most of you knew that there even is a WhatsApp Plus version on the market. It’s very similar to general WhatsApp, except that it’s not owned by Facebook!

It’s basically an unofficial version of the standard WhatsApp with the added Plus tag to suggest that it offers everything that WhatsApp has to offer.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on the official Google Play Store because WhatsApp asked for it to be taken down. But those that got it then still keep it and use it for its awesome extra features such as customization of font, colour, background and many others.

It also does not have certain limitation that the standard WhatsApp has such as sending media files biger than 16 MB.

So what’s new in the WhatsApp Plus v4.25

The new WhatsApp Plus v4.25 bring many bug and error fixes plus many addition such as end to end encrypted conversation and support for sending doc, ppt, xml and pdf formats apart from the regular text, audio and video files.

Downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus v4.25

Since you can’t download this app directly, you’ll have to do it manually by enable app installation from Unknown Source on your Android Phone and then download it, but be warned to disable the Unknown Source option after downloading it because many malicious apps can download themselves to your phone if it’s left enables.

After you download the WhatsApp Plus v4.25, install it on your phone. It can use the same phone app that the standard version uses and it can retrieve all of your messages from the standard version’s archive.

Very important! Make sure you have uninstalled the standard WhatsApp before you install the WhatsApp Plus v4.25.