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The latest update on GTA 5 Online is the addition of the Adversary Mode called In & Out, which was released last May 3. It is said to be an intense version of Capture that involves well-armed defenders shooting at attackers that must steal 8 packages.

The Gameplay

Attackers must invade enemy territory to steal bags and then return them safely to their own territory. They must survive the trip back, even with defenders nipping in their heels with ammunitions designed to kill and leave no one alive. If an attacker dies, the bag remains where they fall. Because defenders are not allowed to pick up the bags, the chances of attackers making it back home with the prize are quite high.

Who doesn’t want to be an attacker? There’s so much more challenge to being one than a defender, although playing with nasty ammos provides a different level of satisfaction too.

But the In & Out mode is just one of the GTA online lineups that was released starting at the end of April and the early part of May. Last April 29 and 30, the Adversary Mode Playlist 1 was added, which featured hunting pack, relay and offense defense. Adversary Mode Playlist 2 that featuresHasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts& Keep the Pacewas released last May 1 and 2. Followed by In & Out playlist that features all 3 maps of In and Out. All of these make up the rotating mode selection of GTA 5 Online.

In addition, Rockstar announced that GTA 5 will get a new DLC content very soon. Single-player DLCis seriously under consideration, what with the huge numbers brought in by GTA Online. Rockstar has also opened door for fans to send out their thoughts about the game and suggestions for future improvements and updates. The company is encouraging players and fans to stay updated for news through Rockstar Newswire.

While the game is exciting and all, especially with an opportunity to be heard, fans who prefer to buy GTA 5 from Amazon may not be all that happy. Unless, of course, if they are a Prime member. This is Amazon’s way of encouraging people to subscribe to its Prime membership.

GTA 5 for PS4 is not the only game that joined Amazon’s Prime Exclusives program. FIFA 16, Rainbow Six Siege, and even the movie Birdman can only be purchased by Amazon Prime members. With a 20% discount upon purchase, buying GTA 5 from Amazon would be worth the added subscription requirement.