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Finally, the developers at Naughty Dog released the multiplayer guide for their game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. What we saw there? That the Uncharted 4 will be extremely pocket-friendly, and this is simply news that makes us glad.

Recently, given the evolution of Xbox Live and the PlayStation network, together with the access to unlimited internet (especially high-speed one), many game developers moved to making users pay for additional content. As such, extra content can be downloaded periodically, with a fixed price set seasonally, besides the price for the actual game.

However, Uncharted 4 will go against the grain and so we see that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End releases multiplayer mode available for everybody, with a budget or not. This is a great move, since it only shows that the Naughty Dog developers value so much even odds on the playing field. Equal opportunity means that all the players will have the chance to access the items in the game whether they have money to buy or not, and this is another proof that their DLC strategy is awesome.

The team assured us once again that unlike other games where you can only buy premium items with real money, here you will be able to unlock and get access to game items only through the gameplay, without paying any money.

Moreover, the lead game designer announced that all additional DLC for the game will be free as well. And by this, he referred to all maps and future modes that they will develop, along with all vanity and other gameplay items. Everything will be accessible simply through gameplay, which will contribute to the unity of the entire community and a leveling of odds for everybody who loves to play the game.