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Back in February, we were all happy to find out the titles for the next Pokemon games, called Sun and Moon. However, besides that, there is little information available: only the logos and the fact that they will be released during the holiday in 2016. But there is some good news! It seems that on May 10th the team is preparing to release some new info regarding the next games, as the director announced.

Junichi Masuda, director of the games and developer at GameFreak, tweeted about the fact that their new announcements will happen at 9 PM (the local time in Japan), which means around 5 AM in the US. But it’s worth waking up this early, right? He did not say how exactly the announcement will take place though, whether it will be a trailer, a livestream or simply some information posted as such. But what we know is the fact that they will reveal more details about the creatures that are included in the games.

Coincidence or not, May 10th is also the release date for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, a game designed by Sony for PlayStation 4. We guess we can say that Nintendo is trying to get their place into the spotlight on that day, together with Sony.

Coming back to the games, the new Sun and Moon are actually the first games after the Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire were launched in 2014 on 3DS. Moreover, this year we celebrate 20 years of Pokemon, occasion on which February is a happy month, with the launching in the shop of the Red, Blue and Yellow (of course, downloadable versions).

A great update to the Sun and Moon is actually an update for the Pokemon Bank, where you will be able to transfer (wirelessly) the Pokemon from the old games to the new ones.