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Mojang has just announced on their blog that they’ll be releasing a physical edition for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

The good thing about this is that it won’t just include the Xbox One version of the game. It will also come with seven of the most popular add-on packs for the game, which is why it’s named Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack.

The pack will contain the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition as well as the Natural Texture Pack, the City Texture Pack, the Fantasy Texture Pack, the Battle and Beasts Skin Pack, and the Battle and Beasts 2 Skin Pack, all of which total to five texture packs and 120 skins. The Favorites Pack will also have the Festive Mash-up and the Halo Mash-up, which bring about new in-game music and an improved UI for a more refreshing and exciting gaming experience.

According to Mojang, these packs were determined by their data analysts, who presumably went through their sales data to find out which add-on packs have the highest sales on Minecraft’s Xbox One version.

The Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack has been available as a digital product since November 2015. It will be sold as a physical product in retail stores in Australia and New Zealand starting on June 7 and will be released to the rest of the world on June 21. It will retail for $29.99 USD or equivalent, although it will be offered at £19.99 in the UK (which is £4 less than its digital price of £23.99).

Mojang assures Xbox 360 players that they’ll enjoy the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack. By buying the new pack and switching over to Xbox One, players won’t only get to use the skins and texture packs mentioned above but they’ll also enjoy better resolution, have more worlds to explore, and get access to more than 1,000 possible Gamerscores. Xbox 360 fans don’t even have to worry about losing their Minecraft worlds since they can easily import them to the Xbox One Edition and continue building.

The Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack is great for those who own an Xbox One and haven’t yet played Minecraft and for those who play Minecraft on a PC and want to give the console version a try. The pack is also excellent for those who want to give Minecraft as a gift to family and friends but want to have something tangible that they can wrap in pretty paper.