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If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls 6, you must have been waiting for the game to be released in the E3 2016. However, you might be really disappointed! Hine, the VP, said in an interview he gave back in 2015 at the Gamescom that neither The Elder Scrolls 6, nor the Skyrim 2 will get a release soon. He was even surprised to hear that there are fans already waiting another Elder Scrolls, since their team is currently working on Fallout 4. And it wouldn’t be such a time-consuming process, if it wouldn’t involve the entire team working at the studio.

The developers are known for their preference and their efforts not to split the teams, and so, we may  be seeing an update to The ES 6, but only by 2017. If you think it will end once they finish Fallout 4, you couldn’t be more wrong. They are keen on releasing some DLCs for the game after that. If you need more arguments to convince you that you need to wait more for the game, just look at their history. They released a new Elder Scrolls approximately once every four years, and if you do the math, you will receive the new game by 2019. Great news, right?

Pete Hine also denied any rumors that the upcoming game is based on Oblivion or on Morrowind. Moreover, he said that the company values more doing small quality things, rather than publishing for a larger scale and just to reach a certain number of released games. There is still a debate going on regarding the future location of the ES 6. People argue between Valenwood and Elsweyr, and they also argue about the title of the game, which can vary from Skyrim 2 to Argonia or Redguard.

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