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Although some well-known companies are forgoing the Adobe Flash player, many websites are still using the old player. What is Adobe Flash Player? It’s a free software that enables users to stream video and audio in their browser, watch multimedia and carry out right Internet applications. It’s generally used as a plug-in for browsers and many mobile devices support it.

Adobe Flash Player developers recently released Windows 8.1 OS (x64), with the version repairing a security issue that, if it’s not taken care of, would allow hackers to attain access to a person’s personal information or even control the computer itself.

Although Adobe is releasing new versions of Flash Player, it won’t be long before it’s no longer being used. As noted, many companies are turning away from it to go with HTML 5, and that’s because that program is more secure and stable. Adobe Flash Player isn’t.

How Users Can Install Adobe’s Latest Flash Player On Windows 8.1 (x64) OS

In order for users to download the Windows8.1-KB3154132-x64.msu file they must go to the Adobe page and start the download process. Once complete, they’ll need to run the file and install it onto their computer. And, once this has been done, they’ll need to shut down their browser and restart it so that the latest Flash Player will run.