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While having some semblance to the other popular Supercell game Clash of Clans, Clash Royal is totally a different lot but equally addictive and entertaining. It is unlike the other game where players simply save up elixir and gold to upgrade or unlock troops to attack and battle with. It requires that everything must be earned. It uses a lottery system which gives players with two Daily Chests with cards for troops, gems and golds inside, which players can then use to get more troops, upgrade their troop’s skills, and get better.

It also awards Chests to players for winning matches. However, whatever troop cards are inside the chest is a matter of luck. Some players have to wait for forever to get a Knight, a Witch, a Dragon, or P.E.K.K.A. And once you finally get your hands on the card, you probably don’t have enough gold to upgrade them. The game is very unbalanced, especially in Arena 6, with many players clamoring for a balancing update.

Supercell obviously heard the call, because just a few days ago, it rolled out some important updates. These include Balance Changes and Live Spectating.

The Balance Changes include:

  • Increased Mortar deployment time to 5 seconds from the previous 3 seconds, and decreased damage by 10%.
  • Bomb Tower lifetime decreased to 40 seconds from the previous 60 seconds
  • Elixir Collector hitpoint decreased by 20%
  • Royal Giant range increased by 1
  • Mirror cards upgraded by 1 level higher
  • Valkyrie and mini P.E.K.K.A. now affected by pushback attacks, such as Fireball

Live Spectating

One of the best features in Clash of Clans is live war spectating which allows players watch their clanmate’s battle as it unfolds. Clash Royale fans can also now do the same as Supercell brought the live spectating feature to the card game.

Players can now watch other players in their clan as they engage in a friendly match with each other. This feature allows players to test new cards or decks and learn new strategies without losing in multiplayer battles. It also shows how many clans are hosting tournaments across the web and other outlets.

The live spectating feature is hoped to make tournaments more exciting and interactive, making it a welcome addition to Clash Royale tournaments.

How was your experience so far with the new updates? Share your thoughts in the comment box. If you’re new to the game check out the Clash Royale beginner’s tricks.