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Although players were expecting defensive measures against spells, it looks like the latest Clash Royale doesn’t bring any of that. The thing is that there is no counter for spells when a player uses them against another player in a fight.

Instead, along the new update they got other defensive features such as Mortars, Cannons and Bomb Towers, which was a good improvement but not a great one.

Other features that came with the update are new cards and better loot. Here is a presentation of everything that the patch brought to Clash Royale.

Common Cards

The new cards from the patch that players will interact with more frequently are the Fire Spirits and the Furnace – they basically jump around the field and explode thus destroying everything on the within a small radius.

They work against Barbarians, The Minion Horde, skeletons and goblins and they are very cheap.

If you have them but don’t really want to use them, you can make them explode in a line close to each other or you can just destroy them with missile attacks like Arrows.

Another card you’ll be seeing is the Guards which summons three skeletons with strong shields and armour. They can two heavy attacks each as they have two hit pools. However they are very vulnerable to minion swarms.

Expensive oddities

Guards is recommended to be used against a legendary card named Sparky. But if you’re going to keep it until the time comes you should probably have it supported by a Wizard or a Musketeer.

The card also work well with another legendary, Lava Hound, which is great as a shield for weaker troops. Also, it transforms into Lava Pups when it dies and the Pups attack units.

The last new card that you’ll be seeing very often is the Miner which can be used for surprise attacks when the opponent can’t defend his or her towers anymore.

Balanced board

There are some changes regarding lowering hit points to the already existing cards such as Valkyrie, Mini PEKKA. Mortar got that as well, and it was a very useful card before.

Then there are the Bomb Tower and the Elixir Collector which appear to not be as efficient as they used to be compared to other cards.

Also, a good improvement came to the Royal Giant which is now a great addition to a deck as long as it’s protected by Minions or a Baby Dragon.

Deck design

A Musketeer is always good for a deck as she is an effective counter to many attacks, regardless if she fit with the other cards or not.

Secondly, the Fire Spirits are now the best anti-swarm choice as they can destroy ground AND air units, plus they’re cheap and hard to take down.

Lastly, you will have to suffer through the spell attack as usual, but you should keep you spells like Arrows or Fireball in your deck, in case you happen to meet with a Sparky or a Miner.