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With rumors that WhatsApp is developing a native application for Windows, many believe that the messaging service plans to take over your Windows or iOS desktop? Well it’s already started actually withthe WhatsApp notifications on desktop.

You only need to download and install Desktop Notifications on your Android phone, install the extensions on your choice of browser – Chrome or Firefox, and then link that extension to the app using the code provided. After the setup, you would not miss a WhatsApp message again, even when you’re working on your computer.

Unfortunately, the same thing can’t be said for WhatsApp on Windows Phone. By the end of 2016 WhatsApp will no longer be supported on Windows Phone 7. This is why it is important to make the most of it until then.

Start by installing WhatsApp to 2.6.10 for Windows Phone. The update not only comes with new features, but also bug fixes and other small improvements. This version is also considered as more stable than its predecessors. It can be downloaded via the Windows Store.

Once WhatsApp is fully updated, you can then make the most of the app on your Windows Phone. The following features will work on phones running Windows 7.5 and later.

Fix Error Code 80048264

The error indicates that you are not properly logged on to your Microsoft account. Check your credentials and make the appropriate corrections. For example, re-enter your password when it is incorrect. Just go to Settings > Emails > Account, and then make the necessary changes.

Restore deleted messages

For this feature to work, all your messages must be stored on a memory card. This way, even if those same messages are deleted on WhatsApp, you can still restore them from your memory card. Just go to WhatsApp folder and then access the message database. Keep in mind that only messages within the past seven days will be saved.

Change how your mobile number is displayed

On WhatsApp, your mobile number will be your username by default. If you want to protect your privacy, use a verification code instead to prevent calls or messages from total strangers.

Send a message to several contacts at one time

Using WhatsApp’s broadcast message function, you can send a message to several people in your contacts, but not necessarily part of a group chat. Simply tick the name of the contacts you want to send a message to, type in your message and then hit send.

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