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Good news for users of the Edge browser on Microsoft! As it seems, they will be able to use the AdBlock and the AdBlock Plus services and download them from the Windows Store. This is a great move, since fans of Microsoft will now get the chance to surf the web just as they want to and to eliminate or simply control the ads that appear to them.

Back in March, Microsoft released some browser extensions for Edge, but only to testers, leading the way to the release of AdBlock, together with some other extensions: the Microsoft Translator, Mouse Gestures and a Reddit extension. All of them were available for manual installation, and bonus, they are supported by Google Chrome too. In fact, this was another good move from Microsoft, who allowed developers to move their Chrome extensions on Edge too. But there’s even more good news there! Developers were and are currently able to create their own types of extensions.

This situation is favorable for Chrome and Firefox too, who might have been holding some new items compatible with this feature, and now they can make them widely available for the public. Even though the AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are designed by different companies, they are still the most successful tools for blocking ads available today – only in Chrome, AdBlock is used by 40 million users! Currently, only those who are using Windows 10 will be able to enjoy the new extensions, but soon they will be available for everybody.

Moreover, the company announced that later this year, they will also release other extensions, such as Amazon, Evernote or LastPass ones. They also plan to keep testing the already released ones and improve them as soon as they see how they work and how users are satisfied.