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Why the comparison between 7 and 10? Simple: because 9 doesn’t exist and 8 was a big disappointment for many, so they chose to stick to the 7. But is it time to upgrade to Windows 10? Let’s see why it’s a good idea and why not.

Many people took the 7 version as a standard to which they compared everything that followed. And it’s not really a surprise, given the fact that the Windows 8 had an unpleasant interface and it was somewhat confusing. Now, it seems that Windows learned a lesson and comprised in the 10 version all the good things in 7 and 8. A bonus is the fact that the upgrade is completely free.

What we all have to agree on is the fact that Windows 7 has a well-thought interface that is popular among the Windows users. The old Start Menu button is still there, which is still preferred by many people instead of the tile-based interface they chose for Windows 8, for example. Also, the change in menus and the swiping proved to be quite confusing for many users who were used to the old way of doing things.

Moreover, those who remained to Windows 8 used alternative tools, like the Classic Shell and the Start in order to enjoy their old Desktop mode. That’s why the Windows 10 went back to the Start Menu button. You can still have the tiles from the Windows 8, though you can easily switch them off if you want to. Also, you can opt to have the Start Menu in fullscreen. Last but not least, on the left you have something similar to Windows 7, which is options for the apps you use most, for File Explorer, the Search bar and the Settings menu.

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