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WhatsApp is set on improving messaging as we know and has steadily provided a great amount of quality app features across its many updates. There have been many speculations regarding the next update fueled by leaked photos and information and here are some of the features we might get if the odds are in our favor.

Video Calling

WhatsApp adding video calling is one of the most anticipated improvements everybody expects. The rumor started sometime in December and has intensified in the last days due to leaked photos of a video calling feature of iOS. Some people have even translated the text in the photos which apparently is ‘Video call’ and ‘Video calling is unavailable at this time’. That last sentence may reflect the truth about the development stage of the feature…

Some users have said that WhatsApp is available on some devices in the form of a beta app, but it doesn’t just yet or maybe it needs the other person at the end of the conversation to have the beta installed as well.

Furthermore, there may be an option for voicemail, which is a very welcomed improvement as users have been complaining about how hard it is to get a message across to somebody if they’re disconnected at the time.

Group invites with links and NFC tags

Some users state that what they’ve seen in some of the screenshots is an option for group invites and NFC tags. Group invites can be sent through links or QR codes. The advantage in having this feature is obvious. For example, instead of having to manually add every person in your community or workplace to a group discussion, you can just send that one link and it will all be ok. This feature can be found on the 2.16.67 version but it isn’t like just yet.

Zip and Vcf sharing

We all know that WhatsApp has implemented a document sharing feature recently and that it only applied to PDF, TXT, Word and Excel document formats, plus Google drive docs and spreadsheets. Well then, it’s rumored that WhatsApp will add support in the future for ZIP and VCF files according to Phone Radar.

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