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Among popular texting app such as WeChat and line, WhatsApp is taking the lead, what with its many additional features. It is also set to be released on the PC soon, making it the epitome of a cross-platform messaging service.

Where subscription fee is concerned, however, it hit a snag on the iPhone because WhatsApp charges a small annual subscription fee. But this is actually good news, since iPhone users had to pay a one-off fee when downloading the app for the first time. Today, downloading is free.

What would users get for that small annual fee?

A messaging service that offers convenience and security when making conversations online.

Protect your privacy

Don’t want other users to view your last seen profile, photo and status? Change your privacy settings to hide such information. Just go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy, and then choose as to whom the information will be available to: Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.

Send documents

Do you need to send a document to your contacts ASAP? As long as the file size is 100 MB, you can send it via WhatsApp. Simply tap on the Send Media button, then tap Share Document. You can choose a document from an iCloud Drive. If the file is saved someplace else, tap More for other options. Note that this feature is only available for users with iPhones using iOS 8.0 and later.

Save incoming files

If you want to save a document from a chat and open it for later, simply tap on the save icon found at the top right corner of your phone screen. Then, choose from a list of saving options available to you. Saving incoming media can be done automatically as well, and only from a specific chat or group, if you so desire. Simply click on a chat name of group name, and then choose the desired option for saving incoming media: Default (Off), Always or Never. This gives you better control for saving incoming media.

Create a group chat

Got a team you need to talk to all at the same time? Create a group chat on WhatsApp. Just open the app, and go to the Chats screen. Tap on the New Group button, and then choose contact names that you want to add to the group. Make sure you have an existing chat with one of the participants before creating a group chat. Use (+) to add more members or type in the name. Tap Create to complete the process.

These are just the basics. Enjoy more when you download the WhatsApp 2.16.2 Update for iPhone.