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Even though the Universal Windows Plaform (UWP) is kind of in decline, there are still many apps that convert to it. Among those we can even find WhatsApp, one of the most famous chatting apps, available for Windows 10 Mobile too. Recently, the WhatsApp developers launched an update for the 2.16.40 version (which is beta). This update brings a big change to the app bar so that it can work even better with the Windows 10 Mobile platform. Besides looking sleeker, the app bar now features file attachments, voice recording and even capturing photos options.

Some screenshots with the new design Whatsapp prepared for their Windows version have been released. The design is blue and it follows in the lines of the Windows tiles. It is indeed sleek and it has a friendly user interface.

Even though people are satisfied with how this version looks like, it seems that there have been some issues with those who had already installed it and tested it. Many reported that when used, the app was moving very slow and it was pretty much unresponsive. To this, others have tried various solutions, and some say that reinstalling it will do the trick, though this didn’t solve the issue for everybody.

However, keep in mind that this is just the beta version and that the developers will soon release a better version and better updates. Until then, you can always report any bugs or accidents that happen with the app. This way you can feel better about yourself, knowing that you supported a great app and worked on improving it. Last but not least, we are all waiting to see other major updates on WhatsApp and whether they will release a desktop client or not.