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When The Creative Assembly first announced Total War: Warhammer, the upcoming Total War game set within the Warhammer universe, they said they couldn’t support it with mod tools, because it wasn’t solely their game. Fans were quite displeased with this news, especially since many players love using mods with the Total War series.

However, the other day they announced good news. They listened to fan concerns and worked to make mods possible after all. Total War: Warhammer will support both the Assembly Kit and Steam Workshop at launch.

The post included a sample screenshot of the Total War Launcher Mod Manager, pictured above. This will let you use the Steam Workshop to find and install mods, as well as share and promote you’re own if you’re a modder.

While the Assembly Kit will also be included, it won’t have as many features as it did for previous Total War games, due to how close we are to the game’s launch. It will come with the Database Editor and BOB, but not other content like the ability to edit battle maps. However, additional Assembly Kit features should be added later this year.

The Creative Assembly plans to have mods available right at the start, with a couple modders already hard at work on mods that should be available with Total War: Warhammer when it launches. For the full details, check out the official announcement.

Total War: Warhammer will be out on May 24 for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is the tenth game in the turn-based strategy/real-time tactics Total War series and the first to make use of the Warhammer universe. It is intended to be the first of three, with the rest of the Total War: Warhammer series to be announced later.

Due to the use of the Warhammer setting and characters, it seemed as though official mod support would not be possible, so this news should be a happy surprise for fans of the series. Are you planning to play Total War: Warhammer? If you make use of mods, what sorts of mods are you most looking forward to in this game?