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Many video game enthusiasts are badly addicted to the Sims from the beginning the virtual reality game was released. The Sims 1 game was a breakthrough for Electronic Arts Maxis who are decided on creating a virtual reality world. The Sims permits users to create and carve personalities and characters, direct several real life situations, and form relations. It introduced players to a world where they can be anything they want to be as well as own and do whatever they want to pursue – create homes and environment, buy car, work in the job they love, have a family, do regular task and so on. Which is why after Sims 4 was released, players had already started talking about another series with more advanced features.

When the Sims 4 was released in 2014, Maxis made it clear that they’re entirely focused on the success of the current game, emphasizing that the future of Sims 5 is entirely dependent on Sims 4’s success. And as expected, despite some negative reviews and ratings, the number of Simmers increased, making Sims 4 a huge moneymaker for Maxis and one of the most popular virtual reality games published. With that success, fans could not help but expect Sims 5 to be released in 2019.

Rumors have been spreading around about the new series although Maxis has not made any official statement concerning the release date of Sims 5 yet. Players are expecting the upcoming series to be more astonishing and interesting than the existing ones with loads of amazing new features that will attract more players.

Some Simmers actually have their wish list for the Sims 5 already. They are looking for more character depth and details – facial expressions customized to the Sims genetic attributes, additional options for skin tone, 3D modification options, and eye color options.

Others want more flexibility and options when it comes to creating houses and surroundings – 3-to-5-bedroom houses, home reconstruction options, enlarged parking facilities, modifiable stairs, and personalized beds. Some users are more concerned about the technical stuff, emphasizing the need for better graphics and animations with 3D effects and high quality sound effects.

The hype for Sims 5 has been building since last year, making the possibility for the new series inevitable. But of course, we can’t expect for the new game to come out soon, so Simmers need to be extra patient and just enjoy the Sims 4 for now.