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This August, the British will be happy to meet the new Note 6, a Note Edge and a Note 6 Lite. Yes, you read that well, all three of them! Plus they have great features! But let’s take it step by step.

It seems that the Note 6 will cost somewhere near £630 and it will have awesome features: a waterproof design will make it more resistant to accidents, it will benefit 6 GB of RAM and, as expected, it will have the new Android N. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it will have an iris scanner. Now that’s top technology! People are pretty sure that it will be released in August, when Samsung is hosting an event (Unpacked) in the middle of the month. Moreover, some serious sources say that the company has decided to quit launching the edge + handset and focused instead on releasing the Note in Europe.

The latest rumors say that there isn’t only one Note that will be released, but three versions of it. For the first time, it seems that we will get to enjoy a Lite version, plus an Edge one. As to their features, the Lite will supposedly have a full HD display, though it will have a lower resolution, and a lower performance processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 instead of the 823 it used to have. The RAM memory is also smaller, having only 4 GB and not 6.

People say that if we take into account the strategy Samsung uses, the price for the new Note 6 will be somewhere around £600 or £650, most likely somewhere in the middle, so £630. Also, it is very probable that we will get it SIM-free on eBay, Samsung or Amazon UK. Keep in mind that in general, Samsung prices tend to drop by even 20% after a couple of months.

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