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As of last week, Minecraft is available in virtual reality. In particular, it can be played on Samsung phones that use Gear VR.

Virtual reality has been somewhat divisive among gamers. Some view it as the way of the future, while others consider it an awkward gimmick that will go away after a little while. Unless you’ve done a lot with Gear VR already, you might be wondering just what it’s like to play a virtual reality Minecraft. Fortunately, there are already a few handy videos available online to give you a better impression of what it’s like.

Of course, it won’t quite be the same thing if you aren’t wearing the headset and playing yourself. Nevertheless, these videos should help familiarize you with Minecraft VR.

First, let’s take a look at an 8-minute impression video from CP Games.

While interesting and informative, the format (showing the screens as they appear for each eye) may be somewhat disorienting and not give the best idea of what it’s like to actually play.

This next video, from Zueljin Gaming, is 20 minutes long and will let you see what Minecraft looks like when you play it with the Gear VR. He is mirroring his screen to the computer, giving us this view of the game.

If you’d like to check out Minecraft VR without commentary, meanwhile, IGN has uploaded a 10-minute commentary-free gameplay video.

Finally, in the most recent video we found, The Verge has uploaded 5 minutes of Minecraft VR gameplay, commentary, and impressions for you to check out.

Now that you’ve gotten a look at a few different Minecraft VR videos, what do you think of it? Minecraft seems to be adapted to the virtual reality experience rather well. Does it look like something you’d want to try? And for those of you who already have a Gear VR and had a chance to play Minecraft on it, share your own impressions in the comments.

Virtual reality in video games might be a passing phase, or it might be here to stay. Either way, Minecraft is the latest game available in this unusual format.