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Minecraft has come a long way in the recent year and now, Microsoft made a Virtual Reality platform for it. There’s a virtual reality game craze going on right now and Minecraft developers plan to take advantage of it.

From what we know, Microsoft has joined forces with Samsung Gear VR to create guess what?… MInecraft: Gear VR Edition which is now available for only 6.99 dollars on the Oculus Store.

The game has two modules – one with an avatar controlled virtual environment and another which will be immersing the player into the virtual reality game world.

There’s a short clip online posted by Oculus where we can preview the VR Minecraft. We can see there a comparison between traditional Minecraft playing and the brand new VR version, but be advised, gamers have to connect to their Samsung phones or other devices to enable the VR mode.

Pre-launch Success for Minecraft

Players and fans have praised the initiative and although the basic aspect of the game doesn’t change, the way users experiment it is much more engaging. Some have even said that it made them return to the game after leaving it for a long while.

According to Engadget, the game is one of the best immersive VR experiences he has had so far. Another tech blogger, Chris Kohler from Wired stated that kids will love it because it’s one thing to build a tower in a traditional game, and a completely different thing to see how massive it is and sitting right in front of you.

Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey has insisted on the socializing aspect of the VR game, which means that people can meet in all of the game worlds and that it’s the closest thing there is to a Metaverse, so far.

The game is expected to be a huge hit among kids and adults alike, but, in order to play it, keep in mind that you need a Samsung device with a Samsung VR Gear (99 dollars).